Quickest Bathroom Freshener Ever

Super quick DIY tip of the day.  If you have issues with your bathroom smelling as lovely as you imagine it should, or have at least one boy in the house- then this is a great tip for you!

Just take your TP, and your favorite essential oil (I like geranium or lavender for the bathroom- but any will do).  Put two drops of your essential oil inside the cardboard roll of your TP, and voila- instant air freshener every time someone uses the roll!

Takes about 10 seconds, and smells of pure loveliness with no harsh chemicals are involved.  Now all you need to do to enjoy your time in the “ladies room” is to lock the door, and pretend you don’t hear your children banging on the door and screaming to be let in.

Note… I saw this on a website months ago, but now I can’t find it to link to.  Sorry anonymous blogger! Thanks for the idea!

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