My Favorite Places (or Where I Want to be Right Now)

As everyone is setting out on their Memorial Day Weekend extravaganzas, I’m dreaming of places I’ve been and where I hope to go again soon.

The picture above is of my gorgeous husband on our last weekend away (Sometime in 2010- I can’t even remember the month now).  We are at First Beach in La Push, WA- probably my third favorite place in the world (someday I’ll tell you about the other two).  It is on a remote part of the west coast of Washington in one of the most beautiful areas you will ever see (and you have to see it!!!).  The Olympic Peninsula is out of another world. The rainforest alone is magical, but the coast will take your breath away.

Every year I take my annual weekend alone there and “rediscover myself.” It sounds crazy to some, but it recenters me to be alone in nature and to sit in silence again.  I look forward to it all year.  Here are a few pics from one of my trips.

Bogachiel Forest

Cape Flattery
Road to Neah Bay