100 Days of Summer

Anyone else getting nervous that summer is almost here?  When I was little, I was giddy over summer.  Now, I have that feeling of dread wondering how on earth I will keep these three little ones busy and happy for three whole months!  Last summer, we kind of winged it.  Visited friends, went to parks, ate a lot of raspberries and blueberries.  But now that Julia is in grade school, Ian is Ian, and Will is not so easily entertained as he once was- I feel the need for a plan.

So I’ve decided to make a board on Pinterest called “100 Days of Summer.” Each day I’ll pin a new idea for all of you who might be feeling uncertain and unorganized as well.  Some will be local things to do around Seattle, others ideas I got from blogs or Pins I’ve seen, maybe even an original one or two of my own if I can get it together.  If you would like, you can follow me on Pinterest (button is on the right hand side), or you can just follow this board for some summer fun. 100 Days of Summer (click me)
Let’s start it off with this cute list of ideas I found on this great site.