Yeah, I Drew That… All by Myself

I just found this tracing paper buried in our basement.  I have never been able to draw well, so tracing paper was a miracle worker when I was a kid.  I couldn’t tell you how many tracings I made over the years, and how much better it made me feel about my “artistic self.”

I have a daughter who seems to have inherited my artistic bent towards stick figures that no one can even tell are stick figures, so when I saw my old tracing paper, I knew it was time to pass it on.

We had a great time together tracing words and pictures from one of their coloring books. I realized as we were doing it what a great activity it was for her fine motor skills too.  Bonus!  Of course, that was the reason I did it- develop those fine motor skills.  OK, not true.  I just thought it would be fun.

So, whip out that old pad of tracing paper you might have hiding in your basement.  Give your kindergartener the chance to draw like a big kid, or your preschooler to write their letters for the first time.  Julia has dyspraxia, and has a very hard time making diagonal lines, and certain shapes.  I’m thinking I’ll try to find some things she can trace that will help with that next.  Fun summer of tracings all over our windows, here we come!

I fully intend to tell everyone I did this is freehand (uh oh, did I just ruin that)

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