Why I Love BS

Last night I stayed up until 1am writing some really fabulous blog posts in my head.  In the light of the day, I forget every last one of them.  So, here is a little household tip to hold you over until I can think up some brilliant and insightful thing to write about…

Baking Soda.  Not just for making cookies anymore.  OK, that’s still its best use in my book.  But did you know it is the work horse of your household cleaning repertoire as well?

I could give you a huge list of DIY cleaning products its in.  But how about some straight BS tips this time?  (Man I love that abbreviation!)

I keep a shaker of baking soda on my kitchen windowsill.  I got it at the dollar store, and I think it was meant for fake parmesan at cheap italian restaurants.  But I have reclaimed it!

I fill it with about 1 cup BS, and sprinkle 10 drops of essential oil in it (lavender is my favorite, but lemon or geranium are nice too- pick a scent that makes you happy while cleaning). Then sprinkle this on any dishes that have stuck on food or counters or stovetops that need some extra cleaning power. I like to combine it with my all purpose cleaner on the tub, and the soap scum comes off like magic.  Bonus use you never would have thought of… sprinkle it on your mattress (with a light hand) whenever you change your sheets to freshen up your bed. Its even working hard just sitting on your windowsill sucking up bad smells, and perfuming the air with its loveliness.

Enjoy your new bottle of BS.  I know I do!

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