Deep Talks Abound in This Household (or car)

Ian “Why are you so angry today?”

Me “I just woke up that way, sorry if I’m not being very nice.”

IAN “You’re going to get arrested if you keep being mean.”

ME “They will only arrest me if I hurt someone or do something illegal.”

IAN reflecting silence 

IAN “Is that why people have mommies and daddies?”

ME confused silence

ME “What?”

IAN “To keep people from hurting each other.”

ME more confused and reflecting silence

IAN “Does everyone have a mommy and daddy?”

ME more silence as I try to figure out how to answer this…

ME “Well, some people…”

IAN interrupts with “Look, they’re building something over there!!!”

ME “Cool, but yeah, most people…”

IAN interrupts again with “I have pens in my feet.”

ME accepting silence that we have now moved on

ME “I love you Ian.”

IAN “OK, mama.”

And so concludes another deep talk with my 4 year old.

I need to buy one of these for each of my children, OK maybe all 5 of us