Ian’s Story Time

Its that crazy end of the school year time when there is so much going on that I forget everything.  Tomorrow is Julia’s Kindergarten Graduation, and Wednesday is Ian’s Preschool one.  I’m also on day 5 of a detox diet that is making me a real B*$%* (if anyone sees my husband, please give him a hug, I’m sure he must need one). So, instead of a long insightful post, here is something that always makes me laugh when I remember it.

We like to tell stories at dinner and bedtime, and this was one of Ian’s first stories he shared. He was two or three, I can’t remember.  Here goes…

“A little baby bird hatched and I ate him.  Then the mama bird came and she flew in the potty and I pooped on her.  The End.”

Man I love that kid!