Pumpkin Waffles- a breakfast we all can agree upon

We eat a lot of pancakes and waffles around here.  Its one of the few foods that we can all agree upon.  My oldest has always struggled with eating, but one thing she would usually eat when she was younger was Eggos. I couldn’t even count how many boxes of that stuff we bought over the years.  Eventually I got wise to making our own, but I still call them Eggos, and so do they.  “That’s just how we roll.”- Ian’s new phrase that I’m trying to work into conversation whenever possible.

I love that when I make them myself I can slip all kinds of things into them and the kids are none the wiser.  They love pumpkin waffles, but they don’t know that I also slip in peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and zucchini on occasion. I also like to make three versions- plain, blueberry or raspberry, and chocolate chip.  The chocolate chip ones I use purely for bribery.

Our favorite waffles these days are the pumpkin waffles from Smitten Kitchen.  You can find the original recipe on her beautiful blog here.  I usually substitute whole wheat pastry flour, free range eggs, a combo of raw milk and yogurt for the buttermilk, I leave out the ginger for my kids, and I add either a tablespoon of ground flax seed or flax oil, whichever I have on hand.  Be sure to use pure maple syrup to top these off instead of the Aunt Jemima variety to keep it as healthy as possible. And let me tell you, when the smell of these come wafting through your house, no one will be able to resist their pumpkiny deliciousness!  Add chocolate chips for a special treat, and your kids will adore you forever (not to mention your husband).

This makes 16-20 eggo size waffles.  You can freeze some for next week, or if you’re like us, finish them up as easy to carry snacks the next day.

Bon Apetit!

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