Wacky Wednesday Game

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday around here.  Have you read that Dr. Suess classic yet?  It was written under his real name, Theo LeSieg.  Its a great counting and observation book, but mostly my kids just adore it because its so goofy. They laugh like crazy every time we read it over the house in the sky, and the shoe on the ceiling.

So when we were discussing our Summer Bucket List this week (post soon to come!) it inevitably came up.  I was so proud of them for inviting this simple game!  Its called Wacky Wednesday (of course…), and every Wednesday we decorate their rooms with wacky things. I wrote it down, and assumed we would start next week.

But when I woke up the next day, I found this…

Note my high school graduation name card in there… How did they even find that?

And this…

And this…

They decided to start Wacky Wednesday early, and taped things all over their walls and ceilings.  How creative!

It gave us a motivation to clean their rooms (bonus!) so that we could actually see what was wacky, instead of the obscene mess that usually is their rooms.  Then each kid gets 20 minutes to do as many wacky things in their room as they can.  Then we all do one room at a time and count as many wacky things as we can find.

I also like to fit in graphs to everything we do for a little math fun.  So we are keeping a graph of how many wacky things we find in each kids room each week. So, have a great Wacky Wednesday!

Shake it up, and figure out what would work best for your family.  But read the book first!  Its a classic.

Look what Will found to do while I wrote this post!

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