Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberries

Yogurt- bright and fresh, strawberries- sweet and delicious. Combine them and what do you have?  Pure delight!  These things taste like summer to me.  Sweet, fresh, cold and full of possibility.

I have picked or bought 5 1/2 flats of strawberries in the last two weeks. I’ve made 15 jars of jam, frozen 10 bags of sliced strawberries (for baking and smoothies throughout the year), eaten and fed to my kids so many that we should be turning into strawberries anytime soon, and now I’m looking for some new ways to eat and preserve them without dirtying quit so many dishes.  My fingers have turned a permanent shade of red, but they smell amazing.

I was thinking about making a yogurt/strawberry smoothie, and I wondered if I should freeze them together.  Then this popped in my head!  I’ve heard people recommend yogurt covered strawberries for a fresh and healthy snack. How about a frozen version!

Just take a batch of fresh strawberries.  The smaller the better (so they actually fit in your mouth when you’re ravenous for sweets at 10pm).  Don’t use the hard, store bought ones if possible- fresh picked from local farms will give you the softest, sweetest ones you’ve ever tasted. Wash and completely dry them.  If they are still wet, the yogurt isn’t going to stick well.

Go get you’re favorite vanilla yogurt.  This is mine! It comes from a local farm, and is PERFECT. I make my own yogurt occasionally, but I still can’t hold a candle to them.  A greek yogurt would work well here because of its thick consistency.

Now dip!  Get it as thick as you can.  I kept the stem on so it was easier to dip.  But, when I did it again tonight (These things are going around here like hot cakes!) I cut them up first, then cut them in half before dipping for maximum yogurt coverage.

Put on a sheet pan and freeze.  I froze them for 1 hour, then redipped for a little extra yogurt, but it isn’t necessary.  At this point you can put them in plastic freezer bags and save for those late night sugar cravings.  Or, if you’re like me- you can eat them all off the pan.

This is my freezer (don’t judge me).  Full of strawberry goodness, and just waiting in anticipation for raspberries to come in season!

I would cut them in half for a pretty presentation if sharing with guests.  But for me, I just pop ’em in my mouth whole.

This will work great for raspberries and blueberries when they come in season too!

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