Homemade Strawberry Popsicles

More strawberry goodness.  We are literally overflowing with strawberries around here.  They are falling off my counter onto the floor, the sink.  I’m giddy over the smell in the air.

Before I share this delicious summer treat, I have to share this picture of my son.  We went strawberry picking last week twice.  I thought it would be fun for the kids, and we ventured out in the rain on our very first strawberry picking adventure.  I didn’t get a shot of all of us in our rain boots (can I say Wellies if I’m not British- because I love that word), and that makes me sad.  I also didn’t get one of the older kids running up and down the rows and not picking a single strawberry.  But, what I did get was a great shot of my baby eating dirt (and possibly a strawberry or two) while I frantically picked strawberries before it all fell apart.

I’ve picked 2 flats, and bought 3.  I’ve made 15 jars of jam, frozen 10 bags or sliced strawberries, made frozen yogurt covered strawberries, smoothies, gluten free strawberry cake, summer strawberry salads, and now popsicles!

We make a lot of popsicles around here.  Mostly apple juice ones.  Ian doesn’t like ice cream, so these are a hit with both kids.  I love that they think they’re having dessert, when its actually pretty healthy!  I know, I have some sneaky ninja skills.

So, today the kids helped me make strawberry popsicles.  These can be done with any berries, but its strawberry season now.

Wash about a pint of strawberries and place on a rimmed cookie sheet.  Give your kids a potato masher and let them go to town!  This part isn’t necessary as you will be blending in the next step.  But, I need to let my kids be involved in making it so that they will eat it later.  Plus, they had a lot of fun.

Put in a small blender with enough juice to top the berries and blend about 20-30 seconds.

Pour into your popsicle maker and freeze overnight.

Here’s my freezer, I just managed to shove it in between the frozen strawberries and the yogurt covered strawberries.

I took the little bit of leftover juice and sat down for a moment and enjoyed some strawberry juice all to myself.

Now, grab a popsicle, sit on your patio with your little ones and enjoy your summer!

To find out when I post more delicious strawberry recipes, and other crazy stuff we’re doing around here, follow me on Facebook or via email.  Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to browse the archives for some more summer fun.

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