The Week of the Strawberry

Strawberry Week is here!  Or Strawberrypalooza as I have been calling it (yes, I did come of age in the 90’s).

I am all about eating what’s fresh and in season, and I have been waiting all year for some sweet, juicy, fresh strawberries.  I don’t feel complete without at least half a flat lying around the house, ready for me to devour or turn into something delicious.

I’ve already posted Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberries,

and Homemade (sugar free!) Strawberry Popsicles.

This week I will post a new recipe every day- so stay tuned!

Spoiler Alert- I have some strawberries mellowing in vodka and sugar right now, just dying to be made into strawberry frozen yogurt. I’m also sipping a Strawberry Lassi, and I just finished my new favorite treat involving nutella and strawberries!

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Thanks for coming to visit, I’ll be back tonight with my first installment!