Happy Fourth of July!

We have a packed day today, celebrating with friends, and getting ready for a trip.  So, no strawberry recipe to share.  Sorry!

But, I do have two brief things to share…

First, a ton of local people (Seattle) have been asking me where I have been getting all these delicious strawberries.  Two places- Spooner Farms has the absolute best tasting strawberries I’ve had in my entire life.  No exaggeration!  But they are in Olympia (about 2 hours away), and don’t do U-Pick.  Lucky for us though they have a berry stand up all summer in Wedgewood on 35th, near 80th.  Go early, as they usually run out by noon (they open at 9:30).  They told me they would probably start having raspberries in the next week, then blueberries come August.  So, if you live in Seattle- you HAVE to check them out!  You will not be sorry.

If you like to do U-Pick, my favorite is Remlinger Farms in Carnation (about an hour from Seattle).  They are $1.50/lb, close around 3pm, and have a pretty simple set up for U-Pick.  Simple works for me.  They also have basically a carnival on the weekends for the kids, but be prepared to pay.

And second, here is a brief “day in the life” from my IPhone this week.  Be prepared for some fuzzy shots, but I picked my favorites that really captured my summer life with the kids.

Costco Trip!
Swim Lessons at the Y
Moody Boy Shot
Adorable Baby with his Ball
So much time in the car!
Fourth of July Parade Today

Have a great holiday!