Vodka Spiked Strawberry Lemonade

I needed this on Friday.  3 kids, one husband and me on a plane (no snakes thank God!).  5 hour trip, 2 hours to get off, find our bags, get the rental and load up, then 4 more to drive to Pop Pop’s house.  It was an iced cold spiked lemonade kind of day.  I even found myself looking for fruit stands that sold strawberries on the drive, plotting how I could make this as soon as we arrived.  The closest I got was a watermelon, which I do intend to turn into a drink tonight or tomorrow.  And a snack, and a dessert. This is the biggest watermelon I’ve ever seen, so we’ll be eating it for days.

We are in Dothan, Alabama- the hometown of my husband’s family.  Its in SE Alabama and is HOT!  The kids are permanently bright red, just from the heat.  We took the speedboat out on Lake Eufala yesterday- AMAZING.  My niece kept saying “this is the best day of my life!”  The cousins swam together and collected mussels while the rest of us sweat and drank beer in the boat.  Thank the Lord there was a small canopy to keep the baby shaded.  I spent half the time panicking about the kids getting heat stroke (it was close to 100 degrees, and you could taste the humidity), and half the time laughing at how much fun everyone was having.  Thank you Pop Pop!

My father-in-law has an incredibly picturesque property.  I’m drooling over the photo sessions we could have, but its too sunny and hot to do it so far.  We have spent about half our time driving around in the golf cart, doing wheelies and flying over hills.  You should see the baby- he LOVES the wind in his hair!

Anyway, all this to say, I have been out of internet land, and apologize for keeping you hanging.  I intended to schedule some posts to publish, but didn’t get to it before we left.  I still have two more strawberry recipes, and some other funny and delicious things to share.

Let me start with this…


Not too complicated…

Make Strawberry Lemonade (see recipe here)

Put in blender

Add ice

Add Vodka


Serve over ice


This is the fourth installment in the Week of the Strawberry.  Follow me on Facebook, or via email to be notified when the next recipe is posted.  You can also check out my “strawberries” board on Pinterest to see more.

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