Library Day is Here!

Its library day today.  Hooray!  The kids are in a post vacation I-don’t-want-to-leave-the-house slump.  They are happy to sit around, play games, and ask me what we have to eat all day. I am not.

But they will still get excited about library day!  Every Wednesday in the summer we head to our local library.  Which was voted 2011 library of the year by Library Journal by the way (King County Library System).  It is a pretty great library.

I let them pick one movie, and four books.  Will and I pick one too.  We get a week to read them, then we all have to bring them back next wednesday (no matter how hard I cry- Julia still makes me take it back).

This week we were back from vacation, and I let them pick extras.  Julia wouldn’t be in the picture, but Ian was nice enough to line up our picks and share them with you.  I picked the Backyard Scientist book, I’m excited to find some fun activities to do this week.  Since we don’t seem to be able to leave the house, it is perfect timing.

What are ways you encourage your kids to read in the summer?

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