Heading to the Farmer’s Market for Some Quiet Time

I’m tired.  Not feeling like I have a lot to say today.  Whenever I start to feel down, I do food therapy.  Probably not what you’re thinking (although some eating of dark chocolate is involved).  For me, its grocery shopping alone, and then cooking.

 This last week we were in vacation recovery mode.  My husband was also on a work trip for half of it.  I am still recovering from the recovery… My baby also started walking just before we left, and got his top two teeth just before we came home.  He’s also decided to learn how to do a tantrum properly. No more fussing till Mama picks him up, now he knows how to throw himself on the floor, pound his fists, and scream like crazy.  What can I say, I’m so proud.

And I’m not even ready to speak about our 18 hour travel day attempting to get home from our trip…

Anyway, I’m done complaining.  Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at the farmer’s market near our house while the kids were having quiet time, trying to find my own version of quiet time.  I took pictures, bought too much food, found myself a little in the midst of the kohlrabi and dill.

Last night I stayed up until midnight cleaning the kitchen and chopping vegetables so I could cook today.  I have a vegetable soup, sour cream veggie dip, roasted cauliflower, molten chocolate cake, and cabbage slaw in the mix as we speak.  I am positively giddy with delight!

My Bounty

Stay tuned for pictures, recipes and more stories to follow…