Smoky Gouda, Tomato and Basil Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is my go to sandwich in the summer.  I’ve been making it since we first got married (which was ten years ago this month!!!), and we both love it.  4 ingredients, all of which I generally have in the summer, and it tastes absolutely AMAZING.

Just take a few slices of any gouda (I prefer smoked)- or any soft cheese that you might have on hand.  Slice up one small tomato.  The reason these are best in the summer is that I only eat fresh, in season tomatoes.  The supermarket kind are mealy, wet, and unflavorful to me.  But when they are fresh picked, they are the star of this sandwich.  Juicy, sweet, bursting in your mouth with every bite- YUM!  I might have to go make another one…

And of course basil.  Double layer it if you’re like me and love basil.  Butter the outsides of your bread and grill.  I use a George Forman grill.  We are very old friends.  We’ve been together since my Grandmother introduced us in college.  We have kind of an off and on love affair.  In the summer, when sandwiches abound- we are all on.

Grill til it looks like your kind of yummy, slice and eat!

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