Reminding Myself Why I Do It…

Sometimes when I’m feeling down about my mommy-life, I look through pictures of my kids.  Meanwhile they’re right outside the door, screaming and trying to get my attention. You would think I just need to go and look at the actual kid itself.  But pictures calm me.  Perhaps because they are still and quiet.  Their smiles permanent, and no one is talking back to me.

If I’ve had a rough day with them I almost always go in their rooms at night and watch them sleep for a little bit.  I remember when they were born and I held them for the first time.  I pray for them.  I dream for them.  I remember how very precious they are. I try to take a mental picture so I can think of this moment the next day when we’re struggling again. I love to see them at peace and at rest.

Its been one of those weeks when its a bit harder to be positive and patient in the midst of the chaos and defiance.

Here is why I do it.  Here are my babies.  I love them so.

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