Olympics Themed Crafts and Games with the Kids

Anyone else obsessed with the Olympics?  It was a huge deal in my house growing up.  In fact, there was a year where my Dad got rid of the TV, but we got it back during the Olympics.  I think I watched the entire Olympics that year.  It was the 1988 Winter Olympics, I was 12.  I still vividly remember watching Brian Boitano’s winning skate in that Napoleonic Soldier uniform- it was perfection.

Of course, I completely believed I could be the next Mary Lou Retton.  Do you remember when she scored her perfect 10’s in the 1984 Olympics?  I do.  I was 8.  Definitely too old to become a gymnastics phenom, but I completely believed it was possible.

I want my kids to believe it too.

So I have been letting them stay up late to watch it.  That is all we are allowed to watch during the day.  I am obsessed once again.  Last night was swimming and gymnastics, the two sports that they actually do right now.  Not on Olympic level, don’t get me wrong.  But it was exciting for them to see what is possible.  Ian is completely into it, and on the edge of his seat watching the races and events with me.  Julia is completely uninterested. Will just enjoys all of the clapping.

Today I decided to do some Olympic Themed crafts with them- mostly to get Julia into the Olympic spirit, and to have something fun to do during the Rowing event, which none of us were into.

Here’s some of the stuff we did…

Flag making

We used construction paper, glue, scissors and a few cheerios to make flags of the nations we were rooting for in various events.  I drew the shapes, and they cut out and glued them on.

We then taped them onto sticks we found in the yard so we could wave them properly during the events.

Olympic Rings

I drew the circles, Julia drew the glue on, and we all put “fruity o’s” on the glue for each circle.  You could use beans, rice, or whatever is languishing in your cupboard for this as well.

Large Olympic Rings

I cut the center out of paper plates, the kids spread glue, then sprinkled beans, rice, lentils, etc. for each ring.  For blue, I used food die on Rock Salt, for red it was food die on oatmeal, and green was food die on orzo pasta.  Be sure you have another plate, or rimmed baking sheet under to collect what falls off.  Then I keep a jar of the leftovers for other projects, since it isn’t fit for consumption at this point.  Let them dry completely before stapling or gluing onto larger paper.

Some Other Olympic Themed Fun

  • Relay races in the yard (might need friends over for this one)
  • Little People Syncronized diving in the kiddy pool (we did it at bath time)
  • Use wood for a beam routine
  • Spray paint circles and lines in grass for an obstacle course
  • Invent our own gymnastic routines

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