Homemade Raw Cream Butter is Easy and Rebellious- What’s not to Love?!

I’m an outlaw.  I admit it.  I drink raw milk.  Its actually illegal in many states.  Can you believe that?  In Washington (where I live) you can buy it directly from the farmer, which I do.  Every week we go to our farmer’s market and pay $8 for a half gallon of milk (if your mouth is hanging open right now, mine is too).

Believe me, its a lot of money to us too.  But I completely believe in the health benefits of drinking raw milk (unpasteurized), and all of the good enzymes and bacteria that my body needs that are in it.  And look at how good that butter looks!  I can’t lie, raw milk, cream and butter  are at least ten times tastier!

I realize this is a hot topic, and one that could cause at least 1000 comments, and some hurt feelings. So let’s not do that.  I’ve already done it at my kid’s doctor and with friends.  Lets just admire how easy it is to make your own butter, enjoy a nice English Muffin with lots of butter on top, and enjoy each other’s company…

Raw butter is almost impossible to find, and I would have to sell my firstborn to afford it, so I’ve been on the lookout for an easy recipe for it.  I saw this video at www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com and had to try it.  And it was perfect the very first time!

I’m not going to make my own video, I’ll let her give you the recipe and directions.  The only thing I did was add a little sea salt in the end.  You can also find out more about raw milk at www.realmilk.com.

And I have to say, I have NEVER seen butter this yellow/orange.  These pictures are not color enhanced at all.  Beautiful!

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