Sometimes Things Don’t Turn Out Quite as Planned

This could be a title for so many posts.  Let’s be honest, it could be a title for my life.  But that’s another story.

I posted a few days ago about pickles.  And for some crazy reason it went viral.  WordPress featured it, and people pinned it like there was no tomorrow.  Go figure.  I mean, I have an extraordinary love for pickles, but I honestly thought I was one of the few.  And, if we’re perfectly honest here, I wrote and edited the pictures for it in less than 10 minutes.  I hadn’t posted about food in a while, I was eating one of those amazing pickles, and voila.  A star was born.

Now I’m going to let you into my life as it really is.  Sometimes, I make really ugly things.  And sometimes I take terrible pictures of them.  This last week, I just kept doing it over and over.

This was the worst culprit.  A white chocolate raspberry tart from The Dog’s Breakfast (their blog looks much better than it sounds).  How could I possibly resist?! And how could I possibly screw it up?

First, I got the crust way too thick and worked it too much and it wasn’t flaky and beautiful by any stretch of the imagination.  But the raspberries, they were amazing!

It actually looks here like maybe there is hope.

Then I completely ruined the white chocolate filling.  It is supposed to be smooth, and poured lovingly over the raspberries. Mine seized up and I had to attempt to squish it over them.

The result tasted pretty good, but it looked like something my 6 year old made.

Oh well, live and learn, right?

I wish I had a picture of the scones we made the day before.  I’ve made these blueberry scones with the kids a hundred times.  But this time, I let the butter get too warm, and again overworked them, and they turned into one giant blueberry pancake in the oven. The kids and I ate the whole thing in a day still.  We are suckers for blueberries.  But I’m afraid that any post about those scones will have to wait until my pride has recovered.

I love reading everyone’s blogs about their lives and the food they are making.  But I’m also all about keeping it real.  I think its wonderful to share our creations and inspiration with each other.  But I also like to share and read about our failures, and our struggles as well.  I know it helps me to see that none of us are perfect, or have it all together.  We’re all just trying to do our best and love our family in the midst of life.

So, please don’t judge me and my failures in the kitchen and in my life.  I will continue to share them.  I hope you do too.  Thanks for being a part of it all!