We’re back!

Did you miss me?  What am I saying, of course you did!  I’ve been on vacation with the whole family this last week visiting dear friends in Idaho. What a crazy but wonderful trip! The return trip was a couple hours longer than anticipated, and I am ready to drop off into dream land.  But I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts before I go.

I love vacation.

I need time away from my house, our schedule, the city.  I always gain some amount of perspective and renewed energy (no matter how exhausting it can be to travel with small children) just by getting away.  The night before I’m always up until all hours, wondering why on earth we decided to do this.  And on the way home, I’m always plotting how we can do it again soon.

I love this man.

My husband keeps me going.  Especially when we get out of the house, he takes such care to give me time and spend extra quality time with the kids.  He was in there doing dishes, and sending my friend and I off to get our nails done.  I love him so.  Thank you, honey.

I love dear friends.

For whatever reason, life has been a little extra hard for me lately. I tend to go in phases that way.  Spending just a short afternoon with my dearest friend in the world was enough to bring a little hope and light back for me.  She knows me and speaks to my heart as no one else can.  I am so very thankful God brought us together when we were just 18, and has kept us together through so many ups and downs.  God is so good to me.  So very good.

I love my kids.

Spending time just playing together helped all of us enjoy each other a bit more.  It was so fun to see them catch a fish, swim in the lake, splash in the pool and nail together their own boats.  What dear people they are. And so in love with each other.  I love that!

So, at the end of our last trip of the summer, I say Huzzah!  Thank you Lord for those big and little moments.  Help us to take them into the day to day of our lives.  Help me to enjoy my family and not resent them.  Remind me of how dear they are to both of us.  Bless them.