Make Your Own Vitamin Water

It’s hot as *#%& here.  All I have been eating is salad and ice cold drinks.  After the 5th glass of iced coffee and tea, it was time to go for something a bit healthier.

I first made these flavored waters when I did a detox diet with my husband where no caffeine was allowed.  It was not a pretty site around here for the first few days.  I might have even scared myself.  I hadn’t realized how addicted to caffeine I had become!

After drinking only water for a few days, I needed a little variety.  I saw some people flavoring water with lime and lemon for detoxing, and went for a few more flavors…

General Directions

Fill 1/2 of a quart sized mason jar with chopped fruit and a few tablespoons coarsely chopped fresh herb if desired.  Cover with ice and water. Let flavors blend in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next day!  I strained mine into a glass full of ice.

Flavor Ideas

  • Cantaloupe, cucumber, mint
  • Berry
  • Lemon-lime
  • Watermelon & mint

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