Finding Rest in the Midst of the Chaos

I found a little haven today in the middle of the city.  Its a park with a river that runs by and there is even a little bench with my name on it (literally- its dedicated to a woman named Heather).  I can still hear the cars and planes and people, there’s even someone smoking nearby.  But I choose to drown it all out and focus on the sound of the stream and the call of the birds.

I need this connection to creation to find my sanity.  I don’t make the space for it often, but when I do, I find I am able to breathe deeply again.  Taking the time to watch the leaves fall restores me.  Making space in my mind and heart for God to speak, and giving myself the chance to listen is not a luxury.  I need this.

Why do I never do this? I think I don’t have the time or space.  But I do.  I can take an hour here and there to come with the kids.  Maybe even get up before the kids and come alone.  Find a couple of hours on the weekend to escape.

When I am tired and worn down from the day to day of raising three children, I get short sighted.  All I can see is a few hours ahead, days at my best.  I’m focused on surviving life instead of enjoying it.  Then we all lose.

Lord help me to see you and experience your grace and renewal in the day to day.  Help me also to step back every once in a while, take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful life you’ve given me.

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