Busy but Joyful

Is there ever a time when life is calm?  Not busy, not crazy, just cruising along.  And would we even like that?  Would we be bored?

We complain about how crazy our lives are, but I begin to wonder if we are happier this way.  Perhaps most of us thrive on chaos.  We do our best under pressure and unconsciously allow our lives to become this way.

I think I might be one of those.  I have always excelled under pressure.  I procrastinated in college and managed to get A’s after studying all night.  I wrote my best papers in the days (OK, hours) before they were due.

I was just sitting here reflecting on how busy our weekend was, and I realized I was smiling as I relived the highlights in my head.  It was busy, yes; but it was full.  Full of laughter, tears, projects, memories, gifts, toys, time outs, movies, late nights, early mornings, and lots of great food.  I’m exhausted at the end, but I am happy.  Full of joy and wonder at this amazing family God has given me.

Today I understand a bit more of what it is to be joyful.  Today I am thankful for our crazy lives, and our crazy kids.

(Just don’t ask me tomorrow, I have a tendency to lose perspective in the midst of the chaos…)

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