Have You Voted Yet?

Election Day is always a big day for me.  I got some celebratory wine to drink while watching the voting results tonight.  Drinking through tears of joy or sorrow, who knows?

I’ve always loved the feeling of going to the polls, standing in line with my fellow Americans, and making a difference in my little voting booth.  There are many cynics out there who think that our vote doesn’t really count, but I am a believer.  I believe that we have a gift in our country that many have died for, and it is a almost a crime to be apathetic and uninvolved in this small way.  Sure, there are many ways we can make a difference in the government and our country and city, but to me it starts with a vote.

I have always taken my kids with me to the polls as well.  I know it sounds like a nightmare, but I feel like its an important thing for them to be a part of.  Now Washington state is all mail in ballots, so I took them with me to a ballot drop box and let them put it in.  It felt a little anti-climatic, but it was better than nothing I guess.

Ian kept asking me why I am not running for president.  I told him I was too busy with my own job.  “Is your job keeping us safe?”  “Yes, Buddy.  For now, that’s my main job, and it keeps me pretty busy.”

Ian thinks maybe next week I can be president.  Or he can.  Who knows?

How do you celebrate voting with your kids?