Cleaner Days Are Coming!

One of my roomates in college told me I’m the messiest person she knew.  I think I might have to agree with her.  My Mother laments often where she went wrong here.  She is a very tidy person, always straightening up behind everyone.  She comes to my house with great grace, and holds her tongue amidst the clutter.  She deserves awards for that one.  So does my husband.  He is patient, kind, and has learned to live amidst the chaos that is our home.

Amidst my busiest fall in memory, I have managed to keep it about normal.  But being in a new home, I want to do better.  To be just a little better and take care of my family in this important way.

As a part of that, I decided to hire some professionals.  And they are on their way as we speak!  Two house cleaners, come to do the deep cleaning that I despise, and frankly am terrible at.  Come to save me from doom, and rescue our family.  I am giddy with anticipation!

So, don’t judge me, but rejoice with me!

Here is to a new start!

Here’s what I had to tackle to get ready…