Cooking Goes in Spurts…

will.leavesPerhaps you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately…

I’ve been here.  Playing with this little guy and trying to teach him to talk.  Attempting (unsuccessfully) to keep him out of trouble.  Making snowflakes with my 7 year old like they’re going out of style (I counted 42 of them yesterday).  Teaching my 4 year old to write his letters, and admiring with great gusto everything that he does.

I’ve been getting sick, and getting over it.  Working like crazy to keep up with the holiday photography rush.  Watching movies with my husband and beating him at archery on the Wii.  Playing video games on my phone until 1am, and reproaching myself in the morning.  Remodeling our kitchen, and enjoying the result.

You notice there was no cooking in there.

I’ve learned over the years that I tend to go in spurts in my life.  Some long term and some short.  Cooking goes in short term spurts for me.  I was in one of those cooking rushes around Thanksgiving and got such joy out of cooking for my family, friends, and for you!  I had a couple of weeks of down time after, where I moved on to other obsessions- mostly getting work done.

Now I’m feeling the bug coming back.  I sense a Cranberry Lime Tart in my future, some new cookie recipes, and definitely some homemade caramels.  So, get ready for another round of recipes friends. I’m heading to the store, and getting out the camera!