How to Peel a Pomegranate- I Promise its Easier Than You Think!

I am here to answer the perennial question…

peel.pomHow on earth do you peel a pomegranate?!!

I love these things.  They are gorgeous, they last forever in the fridge (even after peeling!), they taste amazing, they are full of vitamins and nutrients, and they are ripe in the winter!

IMG_8130-EditBut most of us are thrown by that tough outer core, and are at a loss to how to get inside.

I have found two main theories on the subject.

The first was by Martha Stewart.  She says to score the outside, then break in half.  Next we hold half of the pomegranate over a bowl, skin side up, in our hand and hit it with a wooden spoon.  She says all of the seeds will come falling out and not a one will be broken.  But when I did it, about 5 seeds came out and my kitchen wall and myself were covered in pomegranate juice.

I gave her version a thumbs down.

IMG_8227-EditHere is the best way I found to get those pesky but delicious seeds out…


I found this on, and a number of other sites.  But she has pics to show you how!

  1. Using a large knife, gently score the pomegranate top to bottom, and back to the top (putting the knife in about an eighth of an inch).
  2. Stick your knife in the top and use it to help you pry it in two.
  3. Score each half again, and break into quarters
  4. Fill a bowl with water
  5. Dunk each quarter under the water and gently scrape out the seeds underwater. I know this sounds weird, but they actually come out pretty easily, and this way your clothes and wall aren’t covered in pomegranate juice!
  6. Store seeds in the fridge for up to two weeks.


I have a recipe to share tomorrow to use those delightful little seeds you just worked so hard for.  You can also just eat them alone as a healthy snack.  I used them in my cranberry pomegranate sauce for Thanksgiving and it was heavenly.