The Best Decision I Ever Made

Have you met my little guy?

IMG_6996_minkHis name is Will.  And he is the best decision I ever made.

Wait before you cry out protests!  There are decisions, and there are decisions…

Marrying my husband, not a decision I even had to think twice about- he was (and is!) perfect for me.  No hemming and hawing over that one.  Having my first two kids, that was a given.  We knew we wanted to have at least two.

But the third, that was a tough one.  We went back and forth over a number of years.  There were times where we were pretty sure we were done.  Our first two were, how do I say this nicely? ….challenging.  We’ll say challenging.


Then one sunny spring day, we suddenly both blurted out at a gathering with friends, that we really did want to have one more baby.

And by the grace of God, Will became our third, and last baby.



Best decision I ever made…