Small Struggles on the Road of Parenthood

Today I had to schedule a developmental evaluation for this little guy.


It was a lot harder than it should have been for someone who’s been down this road before.  Of course, that’s probably why its so hard.  I’m afraid this road might end up a lot longer than it looks.

He just turned two and he isn’t talking, just slurring vowel sounds together.  I know this is common, and I know your cousin didn’t talk until they were three and they were fine.  But I’m not feeling fine about it.

I’m thinking about his soft spot that still hasn’t closed.  I’m thinking about how nothing tragic has happened yet to him, and my other two had something terrible happen by this point in their lives.  I’m thinking about his big beautiful trusting eyes and how I wish I could tell myself nothing is wrong. I’m thinking about how desperately I love him and want things to be easy and smooth in his young life, but I know deep down that challenges will make him stronger.  I’m thinking that its about time I go snuggle with him and drown these tears in his soft little arms.