Spring Has Sprung

IMG_9930-Edit.antiqueSpring happens quickly here.  A day here and there of sunshine is about all we get.  April showers pass into May and June.  So when the sun comes out, its a party.

Any day that it isn’t raining we’re hanging out in our weird little yard chasing Will and scaring birds.  We have a little garden that Ian has adopted as his responsibility.  Julia picks flowers for everyone she’s ever known.  Will throws anything he can find into the street.  And I make sure no one gets run over.  We all have a role to play…

Ian.brandyhazeAfter play is always bath time.  Three kids in a bath is quite a show. Will brings the laughter and splashing, Julia brings the drama, and Ian just does his own thing.


I’m still amazed each day that I get to be their Mama.  I sure do love these guys.