Can I Vent Just a Little?

I think maybe I’m allowed a good cry at this point. Hell, we’re all allowed a good cry at any point but I don’t allow myself to do it often. Today I might make an exception.

I’m so damn sick of being sick.

Not just being sick- not knowing why. What is causing all of this. What is at the root? Why is my body not working right anymore? Why won’t my brain do what its supposed to do? What can’t I think straight?? Why can’t I make it through my day like a normal person? Why can’t I just go to the store or drive at night without being afraid it will send me into a migraine tailspin? And why can’t my body just keep iron in it like everybody else?

No one has answers, just more pills to try, tests to take, doctors to see.

Exercise more

Eat more cruciferous vegetables

Don’t be stressed

Take deep breaths

Don’t worry, be happy

I’m tired friends.  I’m just so very tired.

I know it will get better. I do have hope and support and people dear to me.  But today I am venting. Today I’m crying on your shoulder and just letting it out. Tomorrow maybe I’ll find the rainbow, but today is a cry and sleep kinda day.