Do You Want to be One of the Helpers?

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I want to be one of those helpers. Not someone who talks about helping, or posts a good graphic on my timeline, or even makes people think or argue or whatever it is we usually do on Facebook.

There’s so much tragedy in our precious small world. So much hurt, but so much joy. Lord make me a helper. Get me off my butt, of my phone, and out helping. Loving, listening, bringing meals, diapers, hugs, whatever I can.

Have you seen the photos of the 3 year old Syrian boy who drowned trying to flee Syria with his family that helped ignite the conversation about helping Syrian refugees in September? I won’t post it because its just too hard for me to see repeatedly. I see my little boy every time I look at it. It broke our hearts. And it made me think- I want to help, but how?

I quickly got caught up in September and school and the rush of Fall with small children and I forgot.

Then Paris was attacked last week and we all remembered.

I couldn’t go to Paris, I didn’t know anyone there, I didn’t know how to help. I changed my Facebook profile in an effort to show my support. But I wanted to do something. Then we found out some of the attackers were Syrians and the debates began about Syrian refugees. Facebook got blown up with the debates and arguments on immigration and politics, and I thought- what about the children? Will they continue to die? What do I do?

I bet your Facebook looks a lot like mine, full of opinions and articles and all kinds of wonderful dialogue and ideas. I’ve read most of the articles as I’ve scrolled through. Because I want to help and be involved, but I don’t know how. At the end of every one I think “Yes! I do want to act instead of just talk, I do want to love the homeless and brokenhearted, but how in my tiny urban Seattle stay-at-home mom life do I do anything?”

Then I saw a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers, Beth Woolsey. It was titled, In Case You Want to DO Something To Help The Victims of Terror. I do! That’s me! I think its most of you too.

She told us about a group called Medical Teams International who has a goal to send 10,000 refugee kits to Syrian refugees in Greece. It costs just under $30 per kit that will help an entire family, and they suggest infant kits as well that cost just under $20. There’s even a distribution center near me that I can just drop my kits off at and they will get them in the hands of refugee families.

This is something I can do!

This is something you can do too!

If you’ve been looking for a practical way to help too, join with me and lets do what we can to help some Syrian refugee families. If you’re local, drop them off at my house anytime and I’ll bring them to the distribution center in Redmond, WA. Click here for the details.

mr rogers.13

He is totally my hero! I want to be his hero too.