Confession… I Hate Exercise

So, exercising- not really my thing. I kind of hate it. Like irrationally hate it. I have no idea why.  Maybe I suppressed a memory of being kidnapped and forced to exercise to secure my release? Perhaps I was made to run on the treadmill as punishment in my early childhood.

Whenever people say you’ll get a natural high from exercising, I think they’re just making it up to make me feel worse. Cause I’ve NEVER felt better after exercising. Most of the time I feel grumpy and sore after. In need of a nap, definitely. On a runner’s high, never.


And yet, I KNOW that I need this. It’s time. I’m 40. My Dad died at 51 of a heart attack and he was pretty active. I need to get off my butt and find a cardio workout that doesn’t make me want to die.

My husband is an athlete, so I went to him for some advice. Here were my qualifications for my workout…

  1. I don’t run
  2. I exercise alone (no one wants to see this…)
  3. I don’t feel like my legs are going to fall off after
  4. This doesn’t make me sicker, it helps me get better

He’s so awesome, there was no judgement at all, he got excited I was ready to actually do this! He’s been gently trying to get me to do this for ages.

His advice…

  1. Start SLOWLY. 15 minutes at first, and NO LONGER
  2. Get good shoes
  3. Be consistent, make a plan and stick with it
  4. Do whatever you want, just don’t push too hard.
  5. Be a little sore, but not can’t walk sore. That’s your body saying you did good

So you guys, I did it… I signed up for one of those daily video workouts. And I’ve actually been doing them! I feel like a total idiot doing them, but no one is watching, so its ok. And I kind of feel secretly like a badass (don’t tell anyone! Its embarrassing to admit 20 minutes of doing exercise makes me feel like I can conquer the world…). I still feel grumpy and sore after. Its still the last thing I want to do. I still kinda hate it. But I’m doing it, and that makes me feel proud of myself. I’m hoping after a month or two of it, maybe I’ll even start to not dread it! Miracles do happen…