The real life struggles of getting my kids to eat real food

I’ve done 8 loads of dishes in the last 3 days. I’ve made chicken broth (twice), beef broth, gumbo, carrot cardamom soup, chicken veggie soup, homemade yogurt (twice), chili, eggs, homemade sausage and juiced like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m tired…

But I’m not giving up!

I started the GAPS diet for myself and my kids to help heal the digestive issues we all have. Its similar to paleo, but has an intro part that is lots of homemade broth soups, cultured dairy and meats and veggies. Oh an juice. I’m LOVING the juice!

Here's our breakfast- homemade yogurt and juice. I love it!!
Here’s our breakfast- homemade yogurt and juice. I love it!!

Unfortunately my oldest two are holding out. They only eat about ten foods- most of them have to be from Trader Joes. Yogurt, chicken nuggets, string cheese, any fruit, eggos, chips and crackers, and occasionally pizza. Going from that to real food has been a shock.

There’s been crying, so much crying.

A lot of “you don’t really care about me.”

Parenting is hard…

I keep trying to tell them that we are all doing this together to help us feel better. Don’t you want to feel better??


every time

After some very trying times and knowing my very stubborn kids, we decided to just go straight to the full GAPS diet. I just couldn’t watch them starve and I know its such a huge change for them. If you aren’t familiar with GAPS, this is a great website with lots of info. The way I explain it is its basically like paleo, except you have a lot of fermented veggies and cultured dairy. You can have beans and nuts if you soak them first overnight. And EVERYTHING is homemade. Its basically trying to balance the good bacteria with the bad in your gut, as most of us (my oldest two and I for sure) have an imbalance where the bad have overrun. So we’re getting rid of all the foods they like, and feeding the good bacteria.

so proud of themselves for finally eating some chicken!!
so proud of themselves for finally eating some chicken!!

So, wish me luck and pray for us if that’s something you do. We sure need it! I have hope that my kids can learn to love real food and feel good again. And I just keep telling myself- one day at a time. And one load of dishes at a time. You got this!

If you’re on a food journey with your kids too, remember this is life changing stuff you’re doing! I know they hate you for it now, and possibly have thrown chicken at you. But don’t give up! Healing their tummies, and giving them healthy food and good habits now will benefit them for a lifetime. I have to repeat that as a mantra right now. But I know its true. Carry on food warriors!