About Me

I am a Mom, Wife, Photographer, Writer, and many more things I am only just discovering.  I love reading.  I have been known to stay up until 4am just to finish a book, knowing full well that the kids are up by 7am.  I am a Christian, and spent most of my 20’s as a pastor for college students. I am a family and children’s photographer (in my spare time- ha ha).  I am in a journey to find sustainable and delicious ways to feed my family.  Fast Food Nation changed my life.  I am learning to make my own cleaners, soaps, and even essential oils.  My hope is to leave this world more beautiful, and in better shape than when I came into it.  And I love country music- but only from the 70’s and 80’s.  I’m a purist that way.

I’m not sure what all might be said on this blog of mine… Be prepared for some foodie stuff, sustainable living ideas, photography advice and lots of pictures, frank talk about having a child with disabilities, more frank talk about Sensory Processing Disorder, maybe a colon cleanse or two, and a lot of ramblings in between.

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